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The Rumors of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
October 24, 2004

To be sure, it hasn't been easy for me over the last month, which is why there have been no updates since mid-September. But I'm on the mend and looking to correct some of those oversights...

To get the full story on What Has Been Up With Fritz, go to The Ectozone Forum.

Shortly before my illness, I'd completed recoloring the pictures of the Ghostbusters of 2023. Go on over to the Ectozone Art Page to take a look. I've even put the pictures in a different format, .png, which causes less color loss than .jpg (though the files are about twice as big)

--Fritz V. Baugh
Lord of the Ectozone

UPDATE--May 13, 2004
It was one year ago today that I officially unvieled the Ectozone, and what a year it's been! The smash success of the Ghostbuster Omnibus Timeline and my Ghostbusters fan fictions brought me into the Ghostbusters West Coast, and into semi-respectable standing in the Ghostbusters Community. Grife, I'm a Mod at Ghostbusters Central, Ghostbusters Headquarters, and GBI. I'm Co-Administrator at GB Omnibus Fan Fic and the GBWC Message Board (and I own a second web site, the GBWC page!) So times have been good.

To Dr. Riddle (who is much missed), Kingpin, Brian Reilly (creator of the new logo!), Miss Janine, the GBWC members past and present, Netsolo, Jesusfreak, and so many more--Thanks.

You probably noticed things look a little different today, too. I've been tinkering with this place since it started, and as I learn html better it shows up here. I experimented with frames, but decided not to use any of it. Now I'm playing with tables, and I think it's really paying off--the new navigation sidebar looks great, and I hope it works out well for everyone (I freely admit I swiped the idea from GBHQ lol)

So happy birthday, Ectozone. Here's to many more!

Fritz V. Baugh

UPDATE--April 7, 2004
This is it. The day Ghostheaddom has waited for for seven years--the launch of the new Ghostbusters comic published by 88 MPH Studios!!!

Read Fritz's comments on Legion#1

UPDATE--March 19, 2004

As you can see right above this text, there's some new pictures available on the Ectozone. I've been experimenting with computer coloring, pushing the envelope of MS Paint and the ULead Photo Express program (bundled with my cheap scanner) and I'm liking the results at last. The profile pictures of the four Ghostbusters have been completely changed, to new images based on the comic promo art by Billy Dallas Patton (albeit using the animated likenesses). All of the profile images used in the Ghostbusters Fact List have been replaced with computer colored versions, and I'm currently at work redoing the GBWC profiles. Eventually, I hope every piece of artwork on the site will be computer colored. Keep your eye on the Ectozone Art Page for updates.


February 3, 2004

Artwork inspired by Kurth, LaPoint, and Blond
February 3, 2004, marks the first anniversary of the day I registered at Just for fun, click here to see my GBN profile, and here to see my very first post.
January 13, 2004
New (11304): Profile pictures of some of the "Shadow of the Inquisitors" characters are now up at the Art section. Lady Enlightenment, Barney, Lilly, and Chiron are now available, with Anatole, Father Portenza, and Baron Vashnivski in the works
January 5, 2004
Announcement (10504m)
In support of the Omnibus Fan Fic Center (I am an Admin there, after all) the Fan Fic tags of the Ectozone have been changed to redirect you to that page. My "classic" fan fic list page can still be reached by the links on the Ectozone index page, but the old url is a redirect.

With that, I am also announcing that my Ghostbusters fan fics will no longer be submitted to I thank GBN for allowing the opportunity to build something of an audience, but at this point I think I prefer the freedom of putting my stories up as soon as I want to (even as a Fan Fic Mod my submissions have to be approved by another Mod) and the ability to modify them at will (once it's up on GBN it's stuck). I thank my readers for their support, and hope you'll give the Omnibus page a try.

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