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May 13, 2017
It's the Ectozone's Fourteenth Birthday! It's already bugging me to let me have its ears pierced!

Oh, and here's a new story:

Ghostbusters: Love Songs--Magic
January 1995--Timeline Year Thirteen
Ray and Liz arrive in England, where Liz was trained as a wizard. What if her Aunt Tegan doesn't approve? And why is there a skunk in Ray's room?

I realize it's been a while since my last story. October and November of last year dropped emotional atom bombs on both the personal and the macro scales, and for a long time telling silly stories about silly imaginary people just didn't seem worth doing. I think I'm better now.

Thanks everybody for their patience

--Fritz V. Baugh

March 14, 2017
Ghostdiva is one of the contributors to Ectozone fanon; she used to have her own web site, but it's been "frozen" so she's asked for some help getting her stories back online. I'm happy to oblige, of course.

One of those stories is an Apocrypha she wrote years ago, and posted on a board even she's not sure of anymore...

Ghostbusters Apocrypha: The Ties That Bind
By Ghostdiva
Apocrypha Era Two
Janine need some new help--she's pregnant. Charlie Venkman just happens to be in town needing a new job. These two facts collide in a way that will bring to light an old tragedy that may prevent a new one.

The other story is actually a fairly important one in the lives of the future Ghostbusters (just three years away from being the "present day" Ghostbusters), now available directly on the Ectozone:

Ghostbusters 2024: A Different Kind Of Hero
By Ghostdiva
2024--Timeline Year Forty-Two
The ever-logical Eden Spengler finds herself in unfamiliar territory when she meets a passionate young doctor. Like a Spengler a generation ago, she's torn between her strange new feelings and the safety of logic...and to top it off, not all of her teammates seem approving.
(First Posted January 7, 2007)

Check'em out if you haven't already!

--Fritz V. Baugh

February 3, 2017
Joined: February 3, 2003

My GBN profile is now fourteen years old, incredibly moody, and blaming me for everything that goes wrong in its life.

Much like the world at large, the last year as a Ghosthead had been one of soaring highs and gutteral lows. And, truth to be told, for some of the same reasons.

More at the link, of course.

--Fritz V. Baugh

January 1, 2017

I'm not sure I can count the ways 2016 sucked donkey balls with teeth.

We lost so many talented people to the Other Side....from Glenn Frey to David Bowie to Prince to George Micheal to Carrie Fisher AND her mom Debbie Reynolds.

We lost John Glenn, a certified 100% American hero--the first American to orbit the Earth.

And a loss of a more deeply personal level

Through all of that was the lingering stench that perhaps more than any one thing that made 2016 nightmarishly awful:

To top it off, an archaic vestige of a system set up with Eighteenth Century communication technology in mind ensured that this jackass will be on our TV screens for the next four years EVEN THOUGH HE LOST THE FUCKING ELECTION BY ALMOST THREE MILLION FUCKING VOTES!!!

(Okay, Fritz, breathe...calm down...that's not good for your blood pressure...)

I mean, not to say 2016 was completely without awesome...

Well, I liked it anyway...(To my surprise, I admit)

The IDW comic continues; I admit my enthusiasm has waned some, what with the end of Volume 2 practically shouting "NOTHING OF SIGNIFICANCE WILL REALLY HAPPEN TO ANYONE IN THIS SERIES BECAUSE SONY WON'T LET IT!!!" and the "Get Real" miniseries giving us a glimpse of the comic book I wish I was reading, even if it would also be hamstrung by Sony. But even then, Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening are giving us some solid Ghostbusting adventures, so I'm still in it for the long haul.

Have a safe and happy 2017, and hope we're all alive to see 2018.

--Fritz V. Baugh

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