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June 8, 2024

Not much else to be said. The movie that started everything that led to this site being here came out forty years ago today.

Oh heck, here's the trivia block on June 8, 1984:

Gregorian: Friday, 8 June 1984
Mayan: Long count =; tzolkin = 7 Caban; haab = 0 Zotz
French: 20 Prairial an 192 de la Révolution
Islamic: 9 Ramadan 1404
Hebrew: 8 Sivan 5744
Julian: 26 May 1984
ISO: Day 5 of week 23 of 1984
Persian: 18 Xordad 1363
Ethiopic: 1 Sane 1976
Coptic: 1 Baunah 1700
Chinese: Cycle 78, year 1 (Jia-Zi), month 5 (Geng-Wu), day 9 (Gui-You)
Julian day: 2445860
Day of year: Day 160 of 1984; 206 days remaining in the year
Discordian: Prickle-Prickle, Confusion 13, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3150
Order of Hermes: XVIII Day of Gemini, MMCXXIII Age of Pisces

(That last one is made up, and based on the modified Ars Magica dating system I sometimes refer to in my fan fics)

Have a great day, and thanks for visiting the Ectozone!

--Fritz V. Baugh

May 13, 2024

Twenty One Years

Yeah, that's a sobering thought--ironically enough, my web site is now old enough to legally drink alcohol.

[Sigh] There's another Feeling Old Moment for sure...

Oh hey, look, a new story...

The Real Ghostbusters 2024: Every Future Has A Past
By Ghostdiva and Fritz Buagh
June 2024--Timeline Year Forty-Two
Eden Spengler and Edward Sanders. Johnathan Spengler and TJ Anderson. One couple only met a few months ago, the other has known each other for three years. Both are grappling with emotions and questions they're not accustomed to. But the future is calling, and it's time for some decisions to be made, and lives to be lived instead of just dreamt about.
(First Posted May 13, 2024)

This is a collaboration of sorts--Ghostdiva, creator of Dr. Edward Sanders, sent me part of a story an embarassingly large number of years ago, and we agreed I'd finish it when the time was right. Well, since the story was inteded to take place in 2024 all along, and it's now actually 2024 for real, I knew it was time.

You might notice that the logo now says "The Real Ghostbusters"; as I explained back in April I'm making this slight change in presentation to make it a bit clearer that I'm mostly using older continuity based on the animated series.

Hope you'll give it a look.

--Fritz V. Baugh

April 30, 2024
From GBFans:

Mondo Teases New Real Ghostbusters Action Figures

At C2E2 today in Chicago, the Funko-owned toy company "Mondo" teased a new project related to The Real Ghostbusters during a panel. Mondo is best known for their statues, sofubi, action figures, posters, and more. There was immediate speculation about the nature of the unveiling. Last October, Alex Brewer, a sculptor for Mondo, showcased concept art for a potential Real Ghostbusters toy line.

In an interview today with Toy Anxiety, Mondo's Senior Creative Director, attackpeter, unveiled what the Real Ghostbusters project would entail. Peter explained that Mondo would be producing 6-1/2 inch scale fully articulated action figures based on The Real Ghostbusters designs by Alex Brewer. These designs, which were initially just a fan-made side project six months ago, will now be brought to life by Mondo.

Peter confirmed that the line would feature characters directly from The Real Ghostbusters animated series, with a strong emphasis on ghosts and accessories. Figures would primarily be released in Deluxe 2-Packs, each containing two figures and an assortment of accessories. While the price is not yet confirmed, Mondo and others have produced 2-Pack figures in the $80-$125 range. The success of this line will depend entirely on fan response and demand; if demand is high, more options may become available for future products. This line could potentially include action figures of iconic characters such as Sam Hain, The Bogeyman, and The Sandman, among others.

This will be interesting to see.

--Fritz V. Baugh

April 2, 2024
There's something I've been thinking about doing for a few years now. It really started about the time Afterlife was getting ready to come out in theatres. I think it all went down to a specific conversation on the Ectozone message board:

Fritz:Long time, no update, right?

Well, I can confirm that I have a new story done and it has been sent to the beta readers.

The bad news is that I'm not planning on releasing it until June 8, 2021.

If you know that that date is, you can get an idea about what it concerns.

Terrace: So this'll involve the 2021 crew?

Fritz: Yes

Ghostdiva: Wait what? What 2021 team are we talking about here?

Well, the story I meant was Born to the Purple starring the Ectozone's current day Ghostbusters. But at the time, I can't even remember if the official name "Afterlife" had been revealed for the movie that Jason Reitman had been working it was often referred to simply as "Ghostbusters 2021" (and "Ghostbusters 2020" before that, but Covid happened). I began to wonder if there was some way to make it a little clearer what I was still doing.

I mean, I made sure to put a disclaimer on my FFN profile stating "I came up with this continuity twenty years ago--Afterlife isn't part of it". And for the most part, I just don't want to write in that universe. And I'm sure I'm chasing away potential readers by saying that, but, well, so be it.

And I wondered if there was a way to make it clearer. Might it be time for a slight bit of rebranding to my stories?

Back when I started, two movies, The Real Ghostbusters, and Extreme Ghostbusters were all there were in official Columbia Pictures product. At the time my operating paradigm "It's all part of the same reality and it's all Ghostbusters". And I labeled most of my stories accordingly...

Even if I drew the characters looking like this:

So maybe it's time I more obviously embraced what I knew years ago, but 2021 drove it home to me: I can't pretend to be anything but an alternate universe fanon anymore. I'm not in continuity with the current movies and honestly, with Deadbeat Dad Egon and that entire backstory, I don't really want to be.

But maybe the answer is rather simple. Quit labeling everything simply as "Ghostbusters". Because I still consider most of what I do a more or less valid future to the two animated series

So what am I considering? It's kinda simple...

If I do this rebranding, every story that currently sports this logo:

Will change to this one:

Short, simple, makes it clear that the product is based on an extension of animated continuity instead of using Afterlife and Frozen Empire as their canon.

Similarly, I've come up with a new way of labeling the stories of the Ectozone's 2020's Ghostbusters.

Instead of this:

They'll get a new logo looking like this:

A few important clarifications:

This won't affect anything in the stories themselves. I'm not going to go all Marvel UK and having the characters start being referred to as "The Real Ghostbusters" in the stories themselves, anymore than the character played on TV by Ncuti Gatwa and over a dozen people before him is actually named "Doctor Who". (You'd think since Marvel UK was publishing the DW magazine at the time, they'd know how this works )

Extreme Ghostbusters stories and franchise stories (ie Ghostbusters West Coast Division) will not be changed. Apocrypha stories will be left alone. "Chronicles of Gozer" I intend to relabel as Ghostbusters International stories.

I haven't completely committed to this idea yet. I want to hear from all of the few people still reading this site--there'll be a thread on the Ectozone Message Board in the "Fritz, You Suck" forum for comment on the matter. If I do go forward with it, I'll probably upload the updated pages on either May 13 (the Ectozone anniversary) or June 8 (the Ghostbusters anniversary)

And if you wonder what it would look like, here's some temporary examples of the new proposed look:

The Real Ghostbusters: Forever
June 14, 1998--Timeline Year Sixteen
After fifteen years of confusion, denial, reversal, and dark moments of despair, the long-awaited day has come for one brilliant physicist and one spirited secretary to celebrate the love that bind their souls together. At long last, the wedding of Professor Egon Spengler and Ms. Janine Melnitz.
(First Posted January 26, 2006)

Ghostbusters International: Chronicles of Gozer Book Six: Exaltation
By Various Authors; Edited by Vincent Belmont
June 2004--Timeline Year Twenty Two
The epic conclusion. Ghostbusters International, the Order of Hermes, and the Garou nation stand united against the impending return of Gozer. An alliance the likes of which the world has not seen in untold ages. Secrets are revealed, enemies become allies, and desperate plans are made as science, magic, primal might, and faith march against the ancient horror of the Shapeless Destructor. But is it enough?
(First Posted July 7, 2008)

The Real Ghostbusters 2021: The Eye Of Aretpo, Part One
2021--Timeline Year Thirty-Nine
A strange murder in London brings a young detective to the United States in search of answers. Three children of legends are reunited. Behind the scenes, a plot is in motion that will force all of them to embrace the legacy of the Ghostbusters.
(First Posted July 28, 2008)

I hope you'll give it a look, and let me know what you think.

--Fritz V. Baugh

March 22, 2024

The fifth Ghostbusters movie, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire hits theatres today. It's the fourth movie in the original continuity.

Let'a all hope that it's a massive hit.

--Fritz V. Baugh

February 29, 2024
So today is February 29th, Leap Day, which only happens once every four years.

Gregorian: Thursday, 29 February 2024
Mayan: Long count =; tzolkin = 9 Manik; haab = 15 Kayab
French: 11 Ventôse an 232 de la Révolution
Islamic: 19 Sha'ban 1445
Hebrew: 20 Adar I 5784
Julian: 16 February 2024
ISO: Day 4 of week 9 of 2024
Persian: 10 Esfand 1402
Ethiopic: 21 Yakatit 2016
Coptic: 21 Amshir 1740
Chinese: Cycle 78, year 41 (Jia-Chen), month 1 (Bing-Yin), day 20 (Gui-Hai)
Julian day: 2460370
Day of year: Day 60 of 2024; 306 days remaining in the year
Discordian: St. Tibs Day, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3190
Order of Hermes: X Day of Pisces, XXXIII Age of Aquarius

(That last one is made up, and based on the modified Ars Magica dating system I sometimes refer to in my fan fics)

Something that happens slightly more often than once every four years is me having a new story ready! Like this one!

Ghostbusters 2023: The Monster of Lungbarrow, Part Four
October 2023--Timeline Year Forty-One
We know who Doctor Vidius is now, but what we don't know is why? Why has he kidnapped his own uncle? His agenda becomes clearer...though it might not make any more sense.

--Fritz V. Baugh

January 30, 2024

New trailers for Frozen Empire dropped, the first is the "main" one, the second is the international trailer, thanks to GBFans.

Less than two months to go!

--Fritz V. Baugh

January 16, 2024
I hadn't set out to do a big news update today, but things kept happening...

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire’s Release Date Pushed Forward By Sony

Columbia Pictures‘ Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire has pushed up its release date by one week, from March 29 to March 22, 2024, Sony announced on Tuesday.

The move positions the film to capitalize on another week of spring break viewership in a fairly open window, opening against Lionsgate’s Mark Wahlberg adventure pic Arthur the King and Focus Features’ The American Society of Magical Negroes, among other titles.

But wait!!! There's more!!!

Empire Magazine Has Cover Article on Frozen Empire

There are two different covers. One has the new crew, the other the three surviving OG well as Janine in a flight suit! Movie Universe Janine in a flight suit! Hell yes!!!

Interestingly, she and Callie are the ones not wearing Proton Packs. Egon's daughter and the woman who SHOULD have been her mother. Interesting.

Anything else?

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Toys Appearing In The Wild

The "Fright Features" toys from Afterlife are being recycled into a new series of "basic" figures. Available now are Phoebe, Trevor, Callie, and Gary. Trevor is the exact same figure as the GBA version except he now has a nametag; Gary uses the same buck as the OGB figures from the earlier line (with a new head sculpt, of course), and both Phoebe and Callie are new head sculpts both used the buck from the previous Lucky Domingo figure. No sign of Lucky, Podcast, or the surviving OGBs yet. (Even better if they give us a flight suit Janine, even if it also reuses the Lucky body).

And believe it or not, those aren't the only Fright Features rereleases Hasbro's doing!

Hasbro’s The Real Ghostbusters Kenner Classics Fright Features begin to arrive on toy shelves

Yep, straight from 1988, the original line of Ghostbusters variant figures make their return to toy shelves. Like the Series 1 reissues a few years back, they fixed Winston's name and everything. No Janine repop though.

Picture from 910dohead

So...that's enough, right?


Extreme Ghostbusters FINALLY Coming On DVD

The entire series of "Extreme Ghostbusters" is gearing up for its DVD debut on March 19, 2024, aligning with the release of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. Fans can secure their copies now by pre-ordering the DVD set on Amazon for $20.95.

Airing initially in 1997, "Extreme Ghostbusters" follows a fresh team of paranormal investigators led by the original Ghostbusters member, Egon Spengler. Their mission? Safeguarding New York City from otherworldly threats.

For the first time, fans can own the complete series in one DVD set, providing a convenient way to dive into the supernatural escapades. This release coincides with the ongoing expansion of the Ghostbusters universe, offering both new and returning fans a chance to delve into the realm of the paranormal.

To reserve your copy ahead of the official release, the DVD set is open for pre-orders on Amazon at a cost of $20.95

It's about time!!!

--Fritz V. Baugh

January 1, 2024

Illustration by John Tobias, Rich Rankin, and Suzanne Dechnik

Gregorian: Monday, 1 January 2024
Mayan: Long count =; tzolkin = 2 Lamat; haab = 16 Kankin
French: 12 Nivôse an 232 de la Révolution
Islamic: 19 Jumada II 1445
Hebrew: 20 Teveth 5784
Julian: 19 December 2023
ISO: Day 1 of week 1 of 2024
Persian: 11 Dey 1402
Ethiopic: 22 Takhsas 2016
Coptic: 22 Kiyahk 1740
Chinese: Cycle 78, year 40 (Gui-Mao), month 11 (Jia-Zi), day 20 (Jia-Zi)
Julian day: 2460311
Day of year: Day 1 of 2024; 365 days remaining in the year
Discordian: Sweetmorn, Chaos 1, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3190
Order of Hermes: XI Day of Capricorn, XXXIII Age of Aquarius

We all know what the big thing coming in 2024 is...

March 29 will be here before you know it.

Bad news: It's an election year, and this asshole...

...Is running AGAIN!!! I was tired of hearing about the diaper-loading fascist pervert by this time eight years ago. Why won't he just fucking go away?!


Okay, I'm okay now.

As for the Ectozone...

The Future Unfurls:

2024 is already known as being a big year for the Ectozone universe's Ghostbusters of 2024. Eden Spengler is soon to meet someone interesting, and if you read "The Monster of Lungbarrow" it looks like things are definitely heating up for her brother John. There's going to be developments on both fronts soon enough, I promise.

And one more thing...

Remember that the characters "Romulus" and "Pollux" seen in "Gemini Rising" said they came from 2024.

There's been a lot of alleged revelations in that story that have been left dangling for over fifteen years.

They won't be dangling much longer...

Have a safe and happy Thirty Fourth Year of the Age of Aquarius.

--Fritz V. Baugh

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