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December 23, 2003
Update (122303): At last! "Shadow of the Inquisitors" is here! I just hope it was worth the long wait. Part one is up now, parts two and three are completely finished and will be posted with about a week's wait between each! I hope everyone enjoys them!!!
December 3, 2003
UPDATE: 120303
Everybody bear with me...I know I haven't put up a new story in a while--"Shadow of the Inquisitors" is being written, but it's becoming a long story and I want to have it done before I post any of it (I already have about 35 pages and counting of material done) I apologize for the delays, and hope it will be worth it. Keep checking out for new stories about the fan fic team I'm part of
November 28, 2003
UPDATE: 112803
I've reorganized the Timeline a bit--both because of the success of the format of the Fact List and the aggravating load times every time I had to do even the smallest revision, the Timeline has been broken into pieces: the url (also leads to a main page that links to four pages that contain the actual Timeline. The Unofficial New Timeline remains the same for now.
November 11, 2003
BIG NEWS: (Nov. 11, 2003):

The Ectozone is pleased to announce the opening of the Ghostbusters Omnibus Fan Fiction Center, a new fan fic site with an attitude--and that attitude is "it all happened." What makes this site different from all of the others is that it's based on the Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline--the same commitment to continuity I've tried to bring to the Ectozone fan fic page taken to the next level. Brian Reilly, Ben King, and myself have put a lot of work into this, so we hope you'll check it out!!!

October 26, 2003
Note: As of October 26, 2003, all GBWC links have been redirected to the GBWC web site, where those stories are all posted. After October 31, 2003, they will no longer be available on the Ectozone
October 17, 2003


The Ghostbusters Fact List

101703f The result of seven months hard work by our Great Friend Kingpin, this is the definitive guide to the Ghostbusters, their talents, and their tools. The indespensible companion piece to the Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline!!!

Update 93003t Some new grahpics you should take note of: the "Ghostbusters", "Extreme Ghostbusters", and "Ghostbusters West Coast Division" logos seen in the Fan Art and Fan Fiction sections have been redesigned by my good friend Kingpin. Thanks for the fine work, Ben!!!
There have also been some revisions made to the Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline reflecting some of Dr. Riddle's thoughts on Stantz family history. Thanks for your work as well, Matthew!
September 25, 2003
UPDATE 92503: The Extreme Ghostbusters and the "Future Shocks" spoiler pictures are now available!

The Extreme Ghostbusters are meant to be as they're seen in "Revenge of the Jersey Turnpike Terror", which is why they may look a little different than you remember (mostly Eduardo's uniform and the guys wearing the newest, retro-looking proton packs). Also, after failing three times to draw a convincing wheelchair for Garrett I gave up and just depicted him in a seated posture. It sucks, but believe me, the wheelchairs woul've been a lot worse (lol)

September 21, 2003
Update (92103) As you can see, I've been doing some work on this site to try and make it a little easier to use. I've broken down the page into seperate pages that get into more details instead of trying to cram it all on the Ectozone page...I hope it will make everything clearer. All the stories and the Timeline are at the same urls, but there will soon be buttons on everything to hopefully make navigation easier.
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