The Hermetic Covenant of Dragonsfall was founded in the year AD 987 in what is today the Bavarian Forest in Germany. At some point in the intervening centuries, it was moved to a shard realm greatly resembling it's former location.

The possibly immortal Archmage, Zandrik Fallagar of House Jerbiton, has been a member since the turn of the Thirteenth Century, and is currently the only wizard residing there.

Dragonsfall, or members of the Covenant, have appeared in "The Zodiac Imperative", "Chronicles of Gozer", "Enlightenment", "Love Songs", "Coda and Terchi's Extreme Adventure", and "Kyrie Was Here".

Map of Dragonsfall as of 4AAq/AD1994 ("Enlightenment")
Archmage Zandrik Fallagar
"The Zodiac Imperative"
Younger self from "Enlightenment"
Desert garb from "Kyrie Was Here"
(Standard and Battle Armor)
Desert Battle Garb ("Kyrie Was Here")
Rishot Augusty
"Kyrie Was Here"
Terchi Bagwise
Desert Garb as seen in "Kyrie Was Here"
Coda Monkeyfang
"Coda and Terchi"
As the "Goblinchild" in "Kyrie Was Here"
Kyrie Wheatberry (Deceased)
"Kyrie Was Here"
Haro Monkeyfang(Deceased)
"Kyrie Was Here"
Lord Valross Hepsis
(Ally of Dragonsfall)
"Kyrie Was Here"
Nerwen Silverwood
(Ally of Dragonsfall)
"Kyrie Was Here"
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