"He eats anything that's not nailed down or on fire."--Peter Venkman

Frank Welker
The Real Ghostbusters (1986-1991)

Billy West
Extreme Ghostbusters (1997)

Is referred to as a Focused Non-Terminal Repeating Phantasm, or a Class V Full Roaming Vapor. A real nasty one, too. He isn't the ghost of a once living Human Being, but he is a by-product of the rituals that a cult held in the Sedgewick Hotel's basement. (Ghostbusters)

C/N Some evidence that could prove Slimer was a dog in a previous life would be that he has been noted to wag his tail and to "lick" anyone he has particular affection for, however this is purely conjecture at this time. The cult ritual origin comes from Ghostbusters International

Frequency: 500,000 Megahertz. (Slimer Come Home)

Slimer has the ability to change the shape of his own slime (Into weapons.) and even impersonate ghosts (And some people.), however this ability is limited. On a few times while sleeping, Slimer has had "accessories" hanging off of him. (The Brooklyn Triangle, Halloween II 1/2, They Call Me Mister Slimer, Till Death Do Us Part, RGB #7, The Two Faces of Slimer, The Boogieman Is Back, Poultrygeist)

Can be photographed. Can mistake photos of the guys for the real thing in his affection for them, such is the case of slamming into a cinema standup for the Ghostbusters Movie which he mistook for the real Ghostbusters. (Be Careful What You Wish For, Take Two)

Has on occasion... needed to go to the little ghost's room, which begs questions better left unanswered. (Camping It Up)

While having swapped bodies, Egon made the unusual observation about Slimer "Curious, to Slimer, everything tastes like chicken." Can eat peanuts without eating the bags that contain them. Only food he won't eat and is afraid of is broccoli. He also won't eat peanut butter and onion sandwiches. Once ate a hat with fake fruit, it didn't seem to agree with him. (Take Two, Fear Itself, RGB #19, The Old College Spirit, Slimer, Is That You?)

Is scared of dinosaurs. So naturally Venkman once tried to scare him with a cheap dinosaur costume. (RGB #16)

Is most infamous for his kisses/hugs that slime people. He moves his lips when he reads. (Intro Sequence, Janine's Genie, Ghosts 'R' Us, The Halloween Door, The Grundel)

Has always had a fondness for Peter, probably due to his being the first person he really met, and also he was the first person not to shoot at him. However the roles have reversed, as Ray who originally shot at Slimer is now almost always the first guy to defend the spud of imminent frying on Peter's behalf. (Ghostbusters)

Has been used in the past for scientific purposes by Egon. (Citizen Ghost, Knock Knock, Who're You Calling Two Dimensional?)

Has a lifelike Peter mask, which he used to impersonate Peter while wearing one of Peter's old uniforms, this led to Peter's date for the evening running off after Slimer gave her a slimy kiss. (The Halloween Door)

Has saved the guys on multiple occasions. Has had a large segment of Cynthia Crawford's UBN show dedicated to the "Ghostbuster among Ghostbusters". (Various Episodes, Citizen Ghost)

Has been possessed by a large amount of P.K.E., which turned him into "Big Green". Has been impersonated by Copycat. Has an evil look-alike. (The Two Faces Of Slimer, Trading Faces, The Copycat)

F/N If his evil look-alike was actually the Copycat, then we'd have a reasonable explanation, but as it is not Copycat, then how did Slimer gain an evil doppelganger?

Has once swallowed Peter's keys. Once swallowed ECTO-1's crumpled license plate to get help for Ray. (Beneath These Streets, Future Tense)

Stowed away on ECTO-1 when the guys swung past the Firehouse on the way to the airport. (Take Two)

Accidentally released three recently captured ghosts from the Ecto Containment Unit after trying to sneak a midnight snack He then later endangered himself by trying to stop a ghost that was trying to destroy the three escaped ghosts. (Ghosts 'R' Us)

Has impersonated Charles Faversham. Has posed as a baby. (The Thing in Mrs Faversham's Attic, Mean Green Teen Machine)

After dropping a trap that lost a screw, it was damaged, and leaked P.K.E. that transformed inanimate objects into sentient entities. (Loose Screws)

Acted as a bodyguard and sent the money he was paid to the guys. (They Call Me Mister Slimer)

Had characters from a Fairy Tale book he checked out at the library turn to life after leaving it under an experimentary piece of equipment. (Once Upon A Slime)

Has been given a medal by the Defense Force for good conduct. (Big Trouble With Little Slimer)

Has won the lottery once, however the money was cursed by its dead former owner. (Slimer's Curse)

Tried to bring Ray out of his slump by showing he wasn't ineffective as a Ghostbuster, the plot failed when a chance encounter with an ice cream truck came into the area. (Look Homeward Ray)

Has once driven a bus... for no particular reason. (Ghostbusters II)

Has a portable TV and a "sleeping blanket" (Two Faces of Slimer)

Was mentally dominated by Micheal Draverhaven; he helped Draverhaven escape the Asylum, and attacked Venkman under Draverhaven's command (Legion #1-4)

C/N: Within GBOT canon, it is assumed Slimer disappeared from GBCentral and, of course, Venkman's exchange in #4 would have been different.

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