"Just to annoy Peter, why don't we call you, Slimer!"

Dan Aykroyd
Ghostbusters (1984), Ghostbusters 2 (1989), Ghostbusters: The Video Game (2009)

Frank Welker
The Real Ghostbusters (1986-1991); Extreme Ghostbusters (1997)

In the 1860's, a Russian family emigrated to the U.S.A., and settled in the Bronx. Unbeknownst to them, they were accompanied by a small group of Domovyen house spirits. By 1884, they own a large stylish fancy house in the Bronx. (The Spirit Of Aunt Lois)

In the early 1900's, a Swiss couple, the Stantzes, emigrated to the U.S.A. They took pictures of the Statue of Liberty from the boat, when they arrived (Ray still has these pictures.). They settled in Islip, NY and purchased a dairy farm that had previously been owned for ten generations by the Peterson family. They would have at least two sons; one would eventually inherit the farm, pass it on to his son, and that son would pass it on to his daughter, Samantha Stantz; the other son would become the grandfather of Ghostbuster Dr. Raymond Stantz. (Deleted from Ghostbusters II, Ghostbusters Novelization, Dairy Farm)

F/N Ray's surname, Stantz, is said to originate from Switzerland, for more details please read the Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline.

C/N Thanks for the name background Matthew!

In the early 1930's, one of the Stantz sons from the Swiss family that emigrated in the early 1900's married a granddaughter of the Russian family that emigrated in the 1860's. They live in the house in the Bronx that was built in 1884, and have three children; Gaylord, Lois, and David.

C/N Thanks to Doc Fritz and Dr. Riddle for unifying the separate branches of Ray's family.

Raymond Francis Stantz was born on October 13, 1959 (He's the youngest Ghostbuster.), in the Bronx, New York, to Dr. David Stantz, M.D. and his wife, the former Carolyn MacMillan of Scotland.

F/N David and Carolyn Stantz are established again from Sheila Paulson's work.

Is usually known as Ray although Egon calls him "Raymond" in at least two episodes. (Camping It Up, The Copy Cat)

Middle name is Francis. "...Come here Francine." (Ghostbusters)

C/N This is strictly conjectured.

Was born in the Bronx and owns the house he was born in; the guys put a third mortgage on it to fund Ghostbusters Incorporated. (Citizen Ghost, Ghostbusters)

His father, David Stantz was a doctor, and his mother, Carolyn MacMillan Stantz was a housewife. He takes after his mother's side of the family. (Ghostbusters Novelization)

Has an older brother, Carl Stantz; as of 1983 he's a Lieutenant in the USAF stationed in the Middle East, and has a wife and 2 sons. Also has a younger sister, Jean; she lives in California and is divorced with a daughter. She is a feminist with two lovers, one of each gender. Peter once tried to make a pass at her. (Ghostbusters Novelization)

Had a long lost uncle Gaylord Stantz (His father's older brother.). Gaylord owned a Joke Shop in Queens, New York. Gaylord thought that Ray had the worst sense of humor. However, Ray definitely thought Gaylord was weird. The last time Ray saw Gaylord was when he was still a kid. In 1986, Gaylord died and left Ray his Joke Shop, which he promptly sold. Has an aunt Lois Stantz (His father's older sister.) who lives in a family house in the Bronx (It's been in the family since 1884. It's a large fancy stylish house.). She was born in Mercy Hospital, in Queens. She is extremely friendly towards most people (Especially the Ghostbusters. She usually brings them food whenever she comes by.), but can loose her temper if someone has either made a fool or her, or destroyed something dear to her. Is prone to mischief; she didn't tell the phony spiritualist Dr. Alfred Bassingame that one of the Domovyen from her house was "stowing away" on the back of his jacket. Drives Ray crazy sometimes. Knows all of the other Ghostbusters (Peter, Egon, Winston, Janine, and Slimer.). All of them call her "Aunt Lois". She told a young Ray Stantz "The best way to deal with a bad dream is to tell yourself it's only a dream. Then you can take control of the dream." Has a third cousin, Samantha Stantz (Their Grandfathers were brothers.), who owns the Stantz Dairy Farm in Islip, NY. She's very kind, but she thinks Peter is a jerk. (The Joke's On Ray, The Spirit Of Aunt Lois, Mr. Sandman, Dream Me A Dream, Dairy Farm)

Mother's Family is Scottish (His Mother, Carolyn MacMillan Stantz is from Argylshire, Scotland.). Had a distant uncle, Andrew MacMillan (His mother's older brother.) in Argylshire, Scotland. Ray and Andrew never met, but they used to correspond with letters every Christmas. Legend has it that one man started the Battle of Duncal and that one man became the Keystone ghost. The Highlanders pushed the Lowlanders down into the village and massacred everyone. The Keystone Ghost was the Ghost of the Battle of Duncal, and he was the one ghost that held all the other 723 ghosts in place. He paid for all, meaning he was condemned to roam so the others could rest peacefully. The Keystone ghost plagued Andrew for his entire life, until he died. Whoever defeated it, won the title of Duke of Duncal (Andrew was the Duke of Duncal, but he handed this title down to Ray after he died.). When Andrew died in 1985, he left Ray Duncal Castle in Argylshire, Scotland, with 640 acres, a treasury, full staff, ghost and Lairdship. Ray later turned Duncal Castle over to the villagers. (Bustman's Holiday)

His second grade teacher was Mrs. Milligan. (Slimer Come Home)

His parents encouraged him in his comic book reading, and never blamed him when he was bad or did poorly in school (Which very rarely happened, anyway.). Visited the amusement park Toad Island in Red Hook, Brooklyn, with his father as a child. He loved it. Met a Mermaid on one visit in 1964, when he got lost from his father. The Mermaid entertained him with stories until David found him. (RGB #9, #8, #19)

At about the age of eight or nine, he and his family moved to the upstate New York community of Morrisville (According to Ray, Morrisville is thirty miles away from GB Central, but when he goes alone, he takes the train.). Morrisville is so small that it "still doesn't have storefront Karate classes". Ray used to have a crush on Elaine Ferman. After Ray became a Ghostbuster, Elaine followed all of his adventures on the news. By 1984, she had inherited the old Powell Mansion that scared the pants off Ray and Alan Favish when they were kids. She couldn't sell or rent it. Folks said it was haunted. Alan Favish was Ray's old "friend" in Morrisville. In reality, Favish was nosy and he listened to Ray's private conversations. Favish was jealous of Ray, and he used any means necessary to humiliate/embarrass him. When Ray left Morrisville everyone always said that he'd become a bum, and that Favish would make it big. Now Favish owns a two-bit shoe store and Ray is a hero. (Look Homeward Ray, RGB #14)

Was almost eleven at the time David and Carolyn died in an auto accident in 1970. They were on their way to a picnic, and it was raining. David was driving too fast, and then a dog darted out in front of their speeding Plymouth. He reacted too quickly, losing control of the car, hitting a tree, and the car exploded. The massive explosion left very little human remains to find. Afterwards, Ray and his two siblings were split up, being sent to separate foster homes. Ray was raised primarily by rather uncaring foster parents in Morrisville; Carl was sent to Military School; Jean was presumably raised by Aunt Lois Stantz. Carl and Jean don't speak to each other, and neither of them speak to Ray. This may be because Ray was David and Carolyn's clear favorite, which would explain why he got the house in the Bronx they were born in.

C/N This is all fan conjecture by Sheila Paulson, except for the fact that none of the Stantz siblings talk to each other anymore, which is from the GB1 novelization.

Used to keep odd pets. (Look Homeward Ray)

Went to Harry Flashman Memorial Junior High School in Morrisville, an old school; he once found his uncle's initials carved into a desk. By 1986, the school is closed. Possibly played high school football. Ray: "We played their football team..." but this could also imply that his school did and he attended the game. Ray's team played the Miskatonic Cephalopods. One of his old teachers was Mr. Jake Johnson. (Look Homeward Ray, RGB #14, The Hole In The Wall Gang)

Egon once described his thoughts, actions, and general state of mind as being identical to a six-year-old's. (The Boogieman Cometh)

Not afraid of dying, but expressed regret at dying alone. (Beneath These Streets)

Wanted to be a magician when he was a boy; used to practice for hours. (You Can't Teach An Old Demon New Tricks)

Was a Boy Scout. Went to Camp Wauconda, where he roasted Stay-Puft Marshmallows. Likes to tell horror stories around the campfire. (The Brooklyn Triangle, Ghostbusters, Camping It Up)

Liked dinosaurs as a kid. When he was a kid, he thought elephants looked like alien creatures. (RGB #15, #24)

Can ride a bike (Very well.). (Bustman's Holiday)

Doesn't like when people tell him what to do (Doesn't let them, either.). (Ghostfight At The OK Corral)

Used to smoke cigarettes and cigars, and drink alcohol. (Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II)

Likes Cheese-Its, Chinese food, pizza (Namely Chicago-styled.), and Greek food. (Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II)

No matter what Ray says, he cannot cook, as shown by his pancakes. Whenever he attempts to cook, the food looks and tastes horrible. (Three Men And An Egon)

Loves classical music. Took clarinet lessons instead of swimming lessons; has musical aptitude. Plays flute? Plays bagpipes (Err -- tries. He's horrible at it.).Also likes easy listening and middle-of-the-road type music, like Paul Young, Dust In The Wind, and Jackie Wilson (The Bird Of Kildarby, Ain't NASA-sarily So, Play Them Ragtime Boos, Egon's Dragon, Bustman's Holiday, Ghostbusters 2)

Plays with action figures and calls it work. Owns a Mr. Stay-Puft doll. Owned a Dopey Dog Doll when he was a child. (Look Homeward Ray, Ghosts 'R' Us, Drool, The Dog Faced Goblin, The Boogieman Cometh)

Grew up watching Lassie movies. (They Call Me Mr. Slimer)

Owned a yo-yo. (The Brooklyn Triangle)

Loves art. Peter: "...and you're still playing art snob!" Loves Rembrandt but not modern art. (Moaning Stones)

Loves Aretha Franklin. Can sing; performed the song <>Touching Old Magic during a history of Halloween session at a High School in New York. (Don't Forget The Motor City, The Halloween Door)

Loves game shows. (The Devil To Pay)

Loves how 5th Avenue is always decorated at Christmas. (X-Mas Marks The Spot)

Has a credit card. (Janine's Day Off)

Loves balloon races. Prefers country circuses to city ones. Loves roller coasters. Likes to sail; had a boat and the Skipper outfit. (RGB #15, #24, RGB Vol. II #0, Very Beast Friends)

Had season tickets to the Mets. (Knock Knock)

Owns a rocking chair. (Mrs. Rogers' Neighborhood)

Had a rabbit's foot, which Slimer ate. (The Scaring Of The Green)

Became a Ghostbuster to fight the forces of darkness like his hero Captain Steel. Favorite Comic Book is Captain Steel. Considers Captain Steel the world's mightiest superhero. Has met his favorite comic hero's creator, Len Wolfman. Has at least fifty Captain Steel comic books he'd like for Len Wolfman to sign. Already has one autographed Captain Steel comic. To Ray, it would be worse for Captain Steel's comic to be cancelled than for Gozer to return, or for the Ecto Containment Unit to be shut down. Is a member of the Captain Steel Junior Crimestoppers' Club. As part of the "Silver Age" of comics in the 1960's, young comic writer Len Wolfman created the superhero Captain Steel, an inspired knock-off of Superman (He basically has the same superpowers as Superman.). Disguising himself as mild mannered CPA Kirk Clint, he fights a never-ending battle against such villains as deranged scientist Doctor Destructo in Delta City alongside Police Commissioner Brady. Loves it when Captain Steel says, "stuff like that". Captain Steel hates to destroy public property. (Captain Steel Saves The Day, RGB #9)

Used to watch cartoons by Walt Fleischman; he grew up on them. In 1928, Walt Fleishman released his first cartoon starring Ricky Roach, leading to a dynasty of animated characters, including Dopey Dog (Ray's favorite, whom he had a stuffed doll of.), Ronald Rooster, Foxy, Felicia Feline, Sinclair Squirrel, and George Gopher. Walt Fleischman was a genius and his cartoons were ahead of his time. His studios made the best cartoons around, and no one could duplicate them. No other cartoons moved or seemed as alive as Fleischman's. Dopey Dog was his biggest star. Dopey Dog said that if you ever needed him, all you ever have to do is call, "Dopey Dog, Dopey Dog flying through the air! Dopey Dog, Dopey Dog flying everywhere! Come on boy, we need you! Don't let us down. Dopey Dog, Dopey Dog, we need you!". Later on, Fleischman created two new bad guys: Winchester Wolf and Conqueror Duck. They were both evil and downright unfriendly. They were too dangerous and too powerful for Fleischman to control. In 1944 Walt Fleischman disappeared. It wouldn't be learned until years later that he was sucked into a pocket realm ruled by his evil creation Winchester Wolf, and tortured for the next forty years. Ray also likes a cartoon character called Sammy K. Ferret. Both he and Egon have more than general knowledge of The Murray The Mantis Show, which is the biggest thing on Saturday morning cartoons. They "claim" the reason they watch it, is because good scientists are open to everything, it has realistic plots and situations, and it's a form of predator control of the rage (Sure Egon, whatever you say!). Murray lives in a garden and he keeps the peace, sort of like a sheriff. He chases away the bad Roach Brothers and the evil Hypno-Snake. Murray is the best friend of the gardener's little girl, who's misunderstood by the other children. He can jump very high. (Who're You Calling Two-Dimensional?, Stay Tooned, The Revenge Of Murray The Mantis)

Loves old horror movies, including The Deadly Dr. Crowley series. Ghostbreakers (Starring Bob Hope.), Ghost Catchers (Starring Ole Olsen & Chic Johnson.) Ghost Chasers (Starring the Bowery Boys.), Hold That Ghost (Starring Bud Abbott & Lou Costello), Spooks Run Wild (Starring Bela Lugosi.), Spook Busters (Starring the Bowery Boys.), and Spook Chasers (Starring the Bowery Boys.). Watched a lot of horror movies as a kid. Loves Sci-Fi movies. One of Ray's favorite movies is Nerds in Space. Watches Haunts of the Rich and Famous. Loves the T.V. show Wizard of Speed and Time because of its new special effects process, "Jitlovation". Loves old pulp magazines and the works of authors like H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King. Has a old friend (Mr. Howard) who owns a pulp magazine archive which would "scare Stephen King" according to Peter's words, said archive will eventually be put into alphabetical order. Used to read Spooks Illustrated as a kid. Has dreamed of being on the cover of Spooks Illustrated. Reads tabloids; Favorite headline: "World War II Bomber Found On Moon". (Take Two, Ghostfight At The OK Corral, Ghostbusters, Transylvania Homesick Blues, Ghostbuster Of The Year, RGB #1, The Collect Call Of Cathulhu, RGB #13)

C/N It is pretty certain to guess that Mr. Howard is one of the many references to the Cthulhu Mythos. Howard being the first name of Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

F/N H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King being real world authors.

Jogs and works out. Lost a great deal of weight about 1989*. Once tried the "Creative Visualization" fad diet. (Egon's Ghost, Venkman's Ghost Repellers, RGB #27)

F/N While stated as being 1988 when Ray appeared to loose weight, this in fact more realistic in 1989 according to the Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline which shows the episode where Ray's weight loss is most prominent (Future Tense) was first screened to the public.

Entered Columbia University as a student in 1977. His Paranormal instructor at Columbia went insane from staying in Heck House. "... Mostly dribbles." He met Peter Venkman in college, at Columbia University. He became Venkman's colleague and best friend. Venkman introduced Ray to Egon Spengler. Acknowledged as a "...noted Parapsychologist with multiple degrees" and "a hard Scientist with a good academic background", and "a maverick who genuinely loves a challenge". Has degrees in/a great deal of knowledge of Parapsychology, Psychology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Metallurgy, Occult Sciences, History, Computer Science, Ancient Languages, Library Science, Biology, Marine Biology (Witnessed a mass undersea sponge migration. Peter doubts that the migration was more than a foot and a half at best.), Microbiology, Mycology, Architecture, and Astronomy. Has knowledge of Mechanical Engineering (Doctorate?). Built three cars in auto shop. Custodian of ECTO-1 for a while, but then handed her care down to Winston. As stated by Egon, Ray's weakest subject was Math/Multiplication. After attaining his degree in Occult Sciences, he bounced from job to job, including at least one in the private sector, where they expect results. He has also briefly worked in a shoe shop and as a zoo worker. In 1982 he was employed by Columbia University to do Parapsychological research in Weaver Hall with Drs. Peter Venkman and Egon Spengler. By 1983, they were under the department management of Dean Yeager. (The Haunting Of Heck House, The Devil To Pay, Ghostbusters, Don't Forget The Motor City, Cry Uncle, Look Homeward Ray, Ghost-Busted, Deleted from Ghostbusters)

Won three free flying lessons in 1976, can fly ECTO-2 and standard/military helicopters. Possibly has hang-gliding experience. Can hotwire a Proton Pack to power a commercial Helicopter. Gets airsick in small planes, though. (You Can't Take It With You, The Revenge Of Murray The Mantis, Adventures In Slime And Space, A Ghost Grows In Brooklyn, Cold Cash And Hot Water)

Along with Egon and Winston, is the only other member of the team that can understand techno-babble/science talk/nautical terms.(Future Tense)

Understands sign language. (Take Two)

Along with Egon he is known as the "mad scientist", and can create Godzilla-sized illusions. Is the only one who gets Egon's science-jokes. Calls Egon "Spengs" when excited. (Don't Forget The Motor City, The Headless Motorcyclist, Rollerghoster, Venkman's Ghost Repellers)

Has a flip out "Official" GBI Identification Badge, complete with GB logo badge. (The Boogieman Cometh)

Leans his arm on the door of ECTO-1 while driving. Terrible driver. Has crashed ECTO-1, though not exactly through his driving skills. (Ghostbusters, The Scaring Of The Green, Dairy Farm)

Often wears Ecto-Goggles when on busts (Ghostbusters, various episodes)

Uses the PKE MEter when Egon isn't with them (various episodes)

Had a personal, unrepeatable experience with a Free Floating Full-Torso Vaporous Apparition/Class III. (Ghostbusters)

Peter once called him "The heart of the Ghostbusters". (Ghostbusters)

On the odd occasion has gotten the guys into deeper trouble. Accidentally choose the form of Gozer the Destroyer. He chose him, because he didn't think that something from his childhood would hurt them. Well, he thought wrong(Ghostbusters, Killerwatt)

Unlike the other three members of the team, Ray is usually seen wearing black industrial gloves, he wears them on more occasions then the other Ghostbusters. (Venkman's Ghost Repellers, Beneath These Streets)

Once had his bed "short sheeted" by Venkman. (Cold Cash And Hot Water)

Used to respect the noted marine expert Max Philopolous, however Ray's respect for him is severely tarnished after the surly Philopolous denied their request for the removal of Captain Jack Higgins' lost treasure to help stop the rampage of Higgins' undead crew. (Sea Fright)

Stated that his favorite part of the "running around screaming and getting covered in slime" was the getting covered in slime part. He soon retracted it when he got slimed in the face. (The Hole In The Wall Gang)

Was the prime motivator behind the installation of the Firehouse HQ's satellite dish. (The Ghostbusters In Paris)

His bed has a clip on TV. (Various episodes)

Discovered the Pillar of New York. (Beneath These Streets)

Once possessed the shears of the three Fates. (Hanging By A Thread)

Had his hair turned white after viewing "the Spirit Realm". (The Hole In The Wall Gang)

Was nearly attacked by a mummy, he defeated it along with a giant statue of Horus and Anubis. (Ghostbusters In Paris)

Crashed into a bathroom after smashing through a window when the Ghostbusters were breaking into Tummel's building. (You Can't Take It With You)

Got attacked by a cat, which was believed to be a ghost in a customer's chimney. (Apocalypse -- What, Now?)

Was responsible for christening Slimer "Slimer". Taught Slimer to "go through the phonebook". (Citizen Ghost, The Grundel)

Expressed in a toast by Egon with humor: Egon: "To Dr. Peter Venkman" Ray: "He'll get us all killed yet, but I wouldn't have it any other way". (The Headless Motorcyclist)

Posed as the Ghost of Christmas Future. Has pretended to be a handyman to watch out for Kestrel. Has posed as a mother, complete with pram. Has posed as a road worker. (X-Mas Marks The Spot, If I Were A Witch Man, Mean Green Teen Machine, Ghostbusters II)

Was given a huge T.V. Set as a "fee" for busting a pesky ghost in a T.V. store. A water elemental from the magic shop above the T.V. store contaminated the T.V. Ray witnessed several "programs" showing the guys' future. (Future Tense)

Once quit the team out of his belief of his abilities as a Ghostbuster. (Look Homeward Ray)

Performed at kids' parties with Winston. (Ghostbusters II)

Once posed as a road worker (Ghostbusters II)

Once owned his own bookstore "Ray's Occult" which was open from 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and Midnight on Saturdays. It was a small basement shop located on a quaint commercial block in Greenwich Village. The window was crowded with occult artifacts and old books full of arcane metaphysical lore. Ray had books/information on alchemy, astrology, apparitions, Bundu Magic Men, demon intercession, U.F.O. abductions, psychic surgery, stigmata, modern miracles, pixie sightings, golden geese, geists, and ghosts. He had it all. There was a refrigerator with a piece of paper with the warning "Keep Out Peter" in his bookstore. (Ghostbusters II, RGB In GB II Vol. I)

Wore reading glasses. (Ghostbusters II)

Has performed embarrassing tests on the Psychomagnetheric slime collected from the Van Horne Pneumatic Transit Tunnel. (Ghostbusters II)

Was once possessed by Vigo The Carpathian. Nearly killed the guys by crashing ECTO-1A into a tree while controlled by Vigo The Carpathian. (Ghostbusters II)

F/N This is however contradicted by NOW's RGB In GB II, where he was only held hostage by Vigo.

Controlled the Statue of Liberty with the aid of a cannibalized Nintendo game pad. (Ghostbusters II)

Ended up having an over-positive attitude towards everyone and anyone he met after being covered in positively charged Mood Slime. (Ghostbusters II)

C/N This effect wore off once he changed his clothes.

Became a used car salesman after an incident at Stanford. (Back In The Saddle Pt. I)

Ray may be agnostic (About Jesus: "Never met him"), or even possibly has adopted a pagan belief system (he apparently still believes in the Easter Bunny) (Ghostbusters, Mr. Sandman Dream Me A Dream)

Ray is estimated to be around 5'11' and from 240 to 260 lbs.

Dan Aykroyd is estimated to be around 6'1'.

F/N Above info gathered from the Real Ghostbusters Fan Fiction Recommendations and from GBN Member Van Damme.

Clothes Style
Ray's fashion sense is dubious at best. He likes loud colors that don't quite suit him. Some of his clothing choices have been disasters including a brown suit with what looked like a dead tribble as a boutonniere (It was probably a mum.) and pair of pink Pyjamas. He has a pea soup green tuxedo, but it's never been seen onscreen (Thank Goodness!). Usually in winter weather he either wears a beanie or a hat with earmuffs. (X-Mas Marks the Spot, Cold Cash And Hot Water)

Uniform Scheme:
Tan with brown trim.

Tried to quit smoking after the Gozer case. Occassionally fails. (Legion#1)

Six months after Gozer, is depressed. Feels more like a fad than a success. (Legion#1)

Loves Krazy's hamburgers because of their "Mystery Clown Spices" (Legion#2)

Likes to give ghosts nicknames (Legion#1)

C/N: It's not just Slimer!

Egon and Ray designed and built their first dimensional transit machine in grad school. It emplyed Polynesian runes over Egon's protest--he wanted to use Babylonian geomatic formulae. It malfunctioned and drove fellow grad student Micheal Draverhaven insane. (Legion#3)

C/N: In the comic, it stated that this incident was ten years before the mini-series. For GBOT purposes, it has been moved to five years before the GBOT version of these events, set in 1984. In 1974, Ray wouldn't even be in college yet.

Ray and Egon's dimensional transfer machine employed special neodymium-iron-boron ally rings that created a magnetic field as they spun. The pressure on space-time would cause vaccuum polarization at the quantum level and create a hole in the barrier that seperates Earth's plane from the spirit world (Legion#3)

Ray is the one who defeats Draverhaven by punching him unconscious and rendering him catatonic (Legion#4)

iBooks "The Return"
Lost his parent's house during the Ghostbusters "third bankruptcy"

C/N: The GBOT canonality of a "third bankruptcy" is questionable at this point

Is an expert in urban legends

At age ten, bought golf balls. Was disappointed to learn the urban legend about their cores being acid was untrue. Didn't think of using mail order chemical companies until he was thirteen.

Janine once made an astrological prediction that Ray would one day take a long ocean voyage with a purple muskrat. It hasn't happened, but it's so weird Ray still holds out hope it will.

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