Micheal Draverhaven was a fellow student of Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman, and Egon Spengler at Columbia University. He was interested in Polynesian runes. Years before the Ghostbusters formed, an experiment drove him mad and awakened his Ectomantic potential; he was confined to the Albany Mental Corrections Facility until six months after the Ghostbusters formed; he enslaved Slimer to help him escape, and tried to call an army of ghosts to attack New York. Ray knocks him out, and Draverhaven is rendered catatonic (Legion#1-4)

C/N: One funny analogy that appeared on the Ectozone Forum was that Draverhaven is sort of the "Pete Best of Ghostbusters", referring to the drummer who left the Beatles and was replaced with Ringo Starr just before the band hit super stardom

Was raised near Hopkins International Airport; would listen to the jets taking off to drown out the sounds of his parents arguing and fighting. (Legion#3)

Feels he was only accepted by Venkman and Egon because of his large collection of occult books. Gave Egon a copy of Tobins Spirit Guide (Legion#3)

Mother's name is Madeline, and she lives in Cleveland, Ohio. (Legion#3)

Voiced by Frank Welker in The Real Ghostbusters; Played by David Margulies in the movies

The Mayor of New York, known as Lenny in the movies. Is a likeable Democrat and a man of the people - particularly the Irish, Italian, and Jewish people. Lenny has a professional appearance when in public relations, but this can collapse if he's desperate to get the help of the Ghostbusters, or if a situation is particularly bad. (Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, Adventures In Slime And Space, The Scaring Of The Green, The Bird Of Kildarby)

Doesn't like being interrupted by the Ghostbusters. Expresses his anger when they interrupt or anger him. (The Scaring Of The Green, Ghostbusters II)

Has a wife, whom Venkman accidentally shot at, and stole a fake four-leaf clover from. (The Scaring Of The Green)

Was at the opening ceremony at Plump Towers. (Deadcon I)

Officially opened Castle Kildarby for the tourist population. Ended up becoming soaked with the castle's moat water after several his aides, and several NYPD officers were thrown into the moat. Threw himself onto ECTO-1's hood to stop the Ghostbusters from leaving. (The Bird Of Kildarby)

C/N: The surname "Clotch" comes from the novelization of Ghostbusters 2

UBN News reporter, who has been "on the scene". (Citizen Ghost, When Halloween Was Forever)
Voiced by Maurice LaMarche

Coincidentally, he looks and talks almost exactly like Vincent Price, only he's very short. (The Spirit Of Aunt Lois)

Is a charlatan T.V. Spiritualist. At one point he had his own show. Has been described as an "Out and out fake" by Ray. Many people (Including the Ghostbusters.) know he's a phony and consider him a quack/charlatan. They don't care too much for him, either. (The Spirit Of Aunt Lois, Cold Cash And Hot Water)

Tries to hold a professional superiority, even to insist that Ghostbuster Dr. Egon Spengler should leave his equipment alone due to him being the "Chief Expert" that evening. Is essentially a coward; he hid in a chair in Lois Stantz' Dining Room while the Ghostbusters dealt with the house spirits he'd insulted. (The Spirit Of Aunt Lois)

Performs phony sèances at people's homes (Including one at Aunt Lois Stantz' house.), involving an elaborate setup of hidden cameras, hidden sound equipment, and hidden projectors. All of this equipment is controlled from a foot operated control panel. His equipment is designed to annoy P.K.E. It may unintentionally/accidentally awaken spirits, if the house he holds the sèance in is really haunted. (The Spirit Of Aunt Lois)

Has teamed up with Charlie Venkman before. (Cold Cash And Hot Water)

(Earlier versions of this document spelled his last name "Bassingham", from a VHS collection. However, "Bassingame" is the spelling used in the script for "The Spirit of Aunt Lois")

Voiced by Maurice LaMarche

Is a Manhattan Police Lieutenant. (The Revenge Of Murray the Mantis, The Headless Motorcyclist, The Scaring Of The Green)

He's very large and bulky. Wears a fedora and trench coat. (The Headless Motorcyclist)

Literally hates ALL crime and ALL criminals. Never lets a guilty man go free. Suspects can count on him being in touch with them. (The Headless Motorcyclist)

Doesn't trust or like the Ghostbusters, especially Venkman. Thinks the Ghostbusters use ghosts to harm their enemies, because they have easy access to them. Doesn't like admitting when they're innocent. (The Headless Motorcyclist)

Called the Ghostbusters clowns. (The Revenge of Murray the Mantis)

Played by Kurt Fuller in the second movie.

Is Mayor Leonard Clotch's assistant. Has his own office, with a desk, and a T.V.

He wanted Venkman and the Ghostbusters to stay away from the Mayor, because he was running for Governor in the fall of 1989. The last thing he and the Mayor needed was to be associated with ìtwo-bit frauds and publicity houndsî like Venkman and his friends. He wanted the Prosecutor to put the Ghostbusters away fast and make sure they went away for a long, long time.

He thinks the Ghostbusters are insane and he doesnít want to listen to any of their ìpreposterous mumbo-jumboî. He had them committed to psychiatric ward at Parkview Hospital, to protect the Mayorís interests. By the time they reached the Museum on New Yearís Eve, heíd had it with them, and he didnít want them to attempt to help with the slime mold on the Manhattan Museum of Art. He told them it was a city matter and that everything was under control. He also thinks the ECTO-1A is a "clown car".

He punched the slime mold on the Manhattan Museum of Art, and was sucked in. Afterwards, he had an over-positive attitude towards everyone and anyone he met.

C/N All from Ghostbusters II, though some facts come from the script or unused scenes

Played by Harris Yulin in the second movie.

"And on a more personal note, let me go on record as saying that there is no place in decent society for fakes, charlatans and tricksters like you who prey on the gullibility of innocent people. You're beneath the contempt of this court. And believe me, if my hands were not tied by the unalterable fetters of the law, a law which has become in my view far too permissive and inadequate in it's standards of punishment, would invoke the tradition of our illustrious forebearers, reach back to a sterner, purer justice and have you burned at the stake!"

Heís a pretty open-minded guy. They call him "The Hammer". He often tells the occupants of the courtroom to shut up.

He tried Tony and Nunzio Scoleri for murder. They were electrocuted at Ossining in 1948.

The law does not recognize the existence of ghosts. He doesn't believe in them either. When he tried the Ghostbusters, he didn't want to hear a lot of malarkey about goblins, spooks, and demons. He wanted to stick to the facts in the case and leave the ghost stories to the kiddies.

The Ghostbusters' trial was unquestionably the worst presentation of a case he ever heard in a court of law. He considered citing Louis for contempt and having him disbarred. He found Venkman, Ray, and Egon guilty on all charges. He ordered them to pay fines in the amount of $25,000 each and sentenced them to eighteen months in the city correctional facility at Rykerís Island.

When he realized the Ghostbusters couldn't do anything about the Scoleri Bros. due to the judicial restraining order, he rescinded the order and dismissed the case.

Ace reporters for 20/40/60 on ABS Network. The taglines for 20/40/60 are "If it's news to us, it's news to you." and "We're on top of it, so you donít have to be.". The hostís name is Eldon Bromo. Some notable headlines featured on 20/40/60 are: Examination Of The Hearing Damage Caused By Loud Clothes, Elvis On UFOS, Underwear Of The Famous, Fingernails Growing When You Stare At Them For A Really Long Time, and Dust Collecting On You When You Donít Move For A Long Time (the latter two being essays by Rune Ancient). Van Sanders and Schreck irritate the Ghostbusters, especially Peter, Janine, and Ray.

Van Sanders tries too hard to sound dramatic whenever he speaks during a report (Especially at the end of it.). He wants to win an Emmy or a Pulitzer Prize. Also claims that he's applauded wherever he goes (Actually, it's his ego that he hears!).

20/40/60 wanted them to find out if the Ghostbusters were first class conmen. Before being assigned to find out, they had no official opinion. However, they did hint that he thought they were. Van Sanders accused Janine Melnitz of being an elaborate front masking questionable practices.

According to Peter, being locked in a room with Van Sanders for a week would be worse than new Ghostbusting equipment malfunctioning. Ray called Van Sanders a jellied ham after he tampered with equipment. When Van Sanders asked Peter if there was anything he could do to help, Peter told him to keep his distance, preferably on some other planet.

Van Sanders said ìat Ghostbusters Central, chaos reins supremeî.

Schreck thinks she dresses better than Lois Lane and refers to herself as "Helen Schreck, Newswoman Supreme". She told the Ghostbusters that they "couldnít keep the press out".

Sandy Van Sanders: "OH NO! Dr. Spengler's soul has been switched with that Demon. What could possibly be worse?"
Dr. Peter Venkman: "Being locked in a room with you for a week!"

Sandy Van Sanders: "Anything we can do to help?"
Dr. Peter Venkman: "Yeah, keep your distance. Preferably on some other planet."

Sandy Van Sanders: "What do you call these things?"
Dr. Peter Venkman: "Only slightly less irritating than you."

All from Egon on the Rampage

Photographer from the OK Corral. (Ghostfight At The OK Corral)
Reporter for Celebrity Magazine. (The Devil In The Deep)
According to the Legend of the O'Malley Clan, a long time ago, the head of the O'Malley Clan stole a pot of gold from a Leprechaun. The Leprechaun put a curse on the O'Malleys. And now when thereís a full moon on St. Patrick's Day, a Bog Hound rises and carries away the head of the Clan O'Malley. According to Great-Grandfather O'Malley, thereís only one thing that will stop the Bog Hound: A four-leaf clover. His Great-Grandfather O'Malley was almost carried away. He even felt the jaws of the hound close on him before he escaped. When Deputy Police Chief O'Malley was a wee babe, as proof of the tail, his Great-Grandfather used to show him the hair of the Bog Hound.

Is the Deputy Police Chief of New York. Also is the current head of the Clan O'Malley.

Believes in and trusts the Ghostbusters. Usually is the first to defend them against the Mayor or Inspector Frump. . (The Scaring Of The Green)

Born on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Got through law school on city college tuitions and Army ROTC scholarships. Finally made it to the city prosecutor's office, but didn't make many friends as he chased the high profile cases--those didn't come until his eventual tenure in Gracie Mansion became a foregone conclusion. Accused of micro managing and using his power to settle personal grudges; protestors sometimes drew Hitler mustaches on his picture. Still, he cleaned up graffitti and drove crime rates down, which meant that many of the "right" people supported him. Endorsed by the New York Post (a Murdoch rag, of course)

Tried to hire a new "exorcist" to counter Venkman's campaign for Mayor. Had fruitcakes such as Madame Elena audition; he ended up hiring Johanthan Goodraven, who was really Xanthador in disguise

C/N: Much of the plot of "The Return" is considered apocryphal in the GBOT continuity; Lapinski was accepted as the Mayor from 1990-1993 before the Video Game established Jock Mulligan. GBOT continuity still keeps Lapinski as a candidate Mulligan defeated

Miscellaneus from iBooks novel "The Return"
New York State Independant Party is run by Gary Milken. Includes: Ted Golden, Stu (who served as auditor, city planner, and ombudsman in three seperate administrations), John Fielding (campaign manager)

Nathan Wong, campaign manager to Mayor Lapinski

Police Captain Poole was present for the Gozer case, and trusts the Ghostbusters

Jenny Nguyen is a New York anchor and New York correspondant for national coverage. She's racked up an impressive amount of journalistic awards. She's also heavily promoted and, in Venkman's judgement, a "total babe".

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