"I used to have a roommate...but my mom moved to Florida."

Rick Moranis
Ghostbusters (1984), Ghostbusters 2 (1989)

Roger Bumpass
The Real Ghostbusters (1989-1990)

Louis Bartholomew Tully was born on April 18, 1957 to Andrew and Florence Tully.

F/N Andrew and Florence Tully's names are conjectured by Dr. Riddle.

C/N Thanks guys!

Middle Name is "Bartholomew".

C/N This is strictly conjectured, based on the middle initial seen in the GBI Role Playing Game

Social Security Number is 322-36-7366. According to Janine, the three 6s are good numerologically--they indicate a great appetite for life and a deeply passionate nature (Ghostbusters 2 Novelization)

Has an older brother, Albert Robert Tully, with a greedy son named Lawrence Tully.Louis calls Lawrence "Big Boy". He ís a hyper, energetic, greedy brat, who likes to play. He likes to sneak up behind people and scare them with his monster mask. "He doesnít need a baby-sitter, he just needs an armed guard." According to Louis, picking the perfect gift for him isn't easy. He has a remote controlled Monster Truck. He already has a Karate Chameleon. He got two Brainbuster Computers for Christmas one year. He has nearly every toy at the toy store. Even though Lawrence is spoiled, Louis wants to get him the best birthday present ever, no matter what it costs (Within reason, of course.). His birthday wish is to skip everything and open his presents. He already has a toy airplane, a toy car, and so on, etc. Anywhere with lots of toys is Lawrenceís kind of place. (Busters In Toyland)

F/N Albert Robert Tully's name is conjectured by Dr. Riddle.

Has a cousin named Sherman Tully. He looks and talks exactly like Louis. He was a Dermatologist at Parkview, but after he helped Louis bust the Ghostbusters out, he was fired. He thinks it's unethical to let patients out of the hospital, and he didn't want to do it, because he could lose his license (Oops!). He doesn't believe in anything paranormal or supernatural, either. (RGB In GB II Vol. III, Deleted from Ghostbusters II)

Louis is a shy nerd, and at one time was hopelessly in love with Dana Barrett. He thought that he and Dana should've had keys to each other's apartments in case of emergencies (I.E. He was always getting locked out of his apartment.). (Ghostbusters)

Made nachos with non-fat cheese for the party he threw to celebrate four years as an Accountant. (Deleted from Ghostbusters)

Used to have a roommate, but his mom moved to Florida. This would seem to imply that either the Tullys are divorced or Andrew is deceased. (Ghostbusters II)

Plays Twister, Boggle, and Nintendo games (Namely Super Mario Brothers.). Is on a bowling team. (Ghostbusters II, RGB #17)

Had a hamster; practiced babysitting and bedtime stories on it. (Ghostbusters II)

Prefers inexpensive medicine, certainly aspirin. (Ghostbusters)

Graduated high school in 1975; majored in Accounting in college. Became a Certified Public Accountant in 1979, after graduating from a four-year program. In Ghostbusters, he threw a party celebrating three years as an Accountant. His clients are a general cross-section of nerds and nerdettes. Is now a Lawyer; got his Law Degree in night school (The Famous Law School and Dry Cleaning Emporium). Became GBI's Lawyer, Legal Consultant/Representative, and Executive Financial Officer. (Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, GB2 Novelization, Three Men And An Egon)

Was once possessed by a minion of Gozer known as Vinz Clortho, Keymaster of Gozer, Volguus Zildrohar, Lord of the Sebouillia. Had more then friendly relations with Dana Barrett, who was possessed by Zuul, the Gatekeeper. Turned into a Terror Dog shortly before the final showdown between the Ghostbusters and Gozer. (Ghostbusters)

Pretended to be a husband in a commercial for GBI. (Ghostbusters II)

In an attempt to trap Slimer using chicken legs, he accidentally sucked part of the ceiling into a trap, instead of the ghost. Has also on one occasion tried to capture and trap Slimer; he ended up frying a wall and nearly killing Janine Melnitz. (Deleted Scene from Ghostbusters II)

Had a short fling with spurned secretary Janine Melnitz. She dumped him within a year to continue her attempts at a relationship with Egon Spengler (Ghostbusters II, The Ghostbusters Live From Al Capone's Tomb, RGB#16)

Considers himself "the fifth Ghostbuster", but he ccannot use a Proton Pack to save himself. The only reason he managed to hit the shell over the Manhattan Museum of Art was because it would be very hard to miss something that big. (RGB In GB II Vol. II, Something's Going Around, Deleted from Ghostbusters II)

Louis is estimated to be around 5'5" and around 210 lbs.

Rick Moranis is estimated to be around 5'5".

F/N Above info gathered from the Real Ghostbusters Fan Fiction Recommendations and from GBN Member Van Damme.

Uniform Scheme:
Dark green with purple trims.

After the Gozer case, parlayed his notoriety into becoming the spokesman for Keymaster Cologne. By six months after the Gozer case, he's rich, famous, and dating Slovenian models. He's a hero to nerds everywhere. Appeared on the cover to "Digipocalypse" magazine. (Legion#1)

C/N: Within the GBOT continuity, it is assumed that his fifteen minutes of fame ends quickly and he eventually ends up down on his luck again, as his GB2 status is still in continuity

Is still stalking Dana six months after Gozer (Legion#1)

Tried to bribe Venkman with two million dollars to not make up with Dana and never see her again. He refused. (Legion#4)

iBooks "The Return"
Accidentally turned up the settings too high when he "helped" beat Vigo. If he hadn't stopped firing the proton pack would have exploded and taken several city blocks with it. It took a few weeks to get him to stop trying to go on busts.

Made a spectacle of himself at the mayoral debate between Venkman and Lapinski. Painted Venkman's name on his chest, and brought a score sheet and a flags with inscriptions such as "VENKMAN #1", "GO VENKMAN!", and "VENKMAN OPPOSES PASSAGE OF ORDINANCE NY-237, WHICH PROVIDES TAX RELIEF FOR THE TOP 2% OF EARNERS WHILE SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASING--" (which was continued on the other side)

C/N: The plot of "The Return" is considered mostly apocryphal by GBOT continuity

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