By Jason Knetge

New york City
December 17, 2003
A frightened and somewhat disgruntled crowd of people stood outside a Toy's R Us shopping centre .

A woman with a pillbox hat made her way through the crowd to the front entry way . " Pardon me .. move it . OK, let me though " . She stopped when she got to the front of the crowd only to see that no one was going in or being let in to the store " Hey what gives ? . Its still 8:00 PM . This place can't be closed !" She then gestured to one of the TRU sales staff " You're supposed to be open --I want to go in! I have shopping to do! "

A man that was standing next to her spoke up " I wouldn't go in there if I were you Ma'am . Some odd looking green thing came in there and started scaring the bugeebes out of everyone "

Startled by what the man had said she was about to say something when the manager came out to address the crowd

' Ladies and Gentlemen , I'm sorry to say that we still can't let you back into the store . " . Wincing he waited a bit for the sounds of protest to die down . " I do have some good news . I have just called the Ghostbusters and they said they are sending a team over and they will handle it "

The crows let out a cheer and huge applause . As if on some co-incidental cue, the Ghostbusters Ecto 1 car came pulling up. The crowd parted a path for it, allowing it to reach the front door

The crowd died down a bit with some confusion as the four Ghostbusters got out of the car . The manager rushed over to the one that was first out of the car as they all donned their packs . Shaking hands with them , he couldn't help but notice that the one with the Spengler name tag seemed to assert more confidence than the one that said Venkman , who was looking around as if nervous to be there .

The manager waited for the ones with the Stantz and Griffin name tags to come over before clearing his throat to speak " Uh, thank you for coming so soon. That thing in there drove my customer and staff out and it's made a terrible mess in there . " He stopped and gave the team of Ghostbusters an odd look . " Are you sure you Ladies can handle this ? I mean its so awful and ugly and...drippy. "

" 'Can you lades can handle it ?' " the woman in the Goth makeup retorted. "Just what is that supposed to mean ...? "

Kylie Griffin was cut off be the one in the Spengler flight suit, who brushed some of her red hair to the side " Uh' what my team mate meant was that we aren't afraid of any ghosts and my other associates Miss Dana Venkman and miss Liz Stantz , are more then capable of handling it " .

" Well if you would rather, we can go back and assemble some men" Liz added with a shrug. "But that may take several hours "

With the mob of people to his back the manager shook in a panic " No... No . I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that . If you don't do something then then that crowed will rip me to shreds! I'll give you anything---just do something! "

Dana nervously stiffened " Well that's good you can start be letting us in . ' Nodding the manager rushed over and unlocked the door to the store letting the women Ghostbusters in .

" OK, we are going to need you to lock it back up as we are in and don't let anyone else in till we are ready to come out , " instructed Kylie as she shut the doors behind her .

Inside the four women Ghostbusters walked down every toy isle . Each one searching for their prey . Janine looked over at Dana who seemed a less nervous now that they were in the store. "Hay Dana you ok .? You looked a little beside yourself out there . "

" Well I sort of was . " Dana rubbed her arms . " You and Kylie have been in that uniform more then I have. Liz knows how to act in situations like that . Frankly, I didn't think I was all that convincing. I was worried where going to get found out "

"Nah , you did just fine " Janine gave a friendly nudge to Dana which seemed to cheer her up

"Yeah not had for your first time in a Ghostbuster flight suit." added Kylie .

" Well technically its not my first time in a Venkman uniform . " Dana started to hide her face as she blushed a bright red .

Liz could even see it from the back of the group and started to jump a bit with excitement as well as the rest of them ' Oh no... you can't leave us hanging like that , not when you give a look like that '

By now she was surrounded by the other three with Janine and Kylie on either side of her coaxing her to go on "Yeah come on girl , out with it! '

With some hesitation Dana finally lamented "Well, it is the first time I've worn it in public, though..."

"I always figured Doctor Venkman would have to have at least one kinky fantasy involving it." Janine rolled her eyes. Liz chuckled.

Up in the shadows of the store a round silhouette hovered about , its green glowing eye focusing in on the huddled group below . With a loud roar it swooped down in a kamikaze dive bomb .

" Look out!! " yelled Liz as she pulled Dana , leaving Janine and Kylie to jump out of the way .

Just missing its targets , it swooped up and prepared for another attacking pass .

" STOP !! ' Yelled Janine .. " Slimer what do you think you are doing ? . It's us !"

The green spud that was the Ghostbusters mascot stopped in mid air and babbled something that sounded like an apology .

The four Ghostbusters got up and dusted themselves off . Slimer scratched his head , a bit confused at Dana and the uniform she had on .

She quickly held up a finger " Don't even think about it ! "

His attention was soon caught up by the candy bars that Kylie pulled out and tossed over to him and patted his head , " Good job Spud '

" OK now that we found him we can get down to business " stated Janine as she rubbed her hands together . " Now we just need some carts "

" Way ahead of you there. " proclaimed Liz as she rolled a cart to each one of the women

" I feel I should be on record as to the ethical dilemma of all this ' proclaimed Kylie with a hint of authoritarian sarcasm .

" Forget ethics . A Mom's got to do what a Mom's got to do ." dismissed Janine

" I know... I just thought i felt I should... "

With that last bit the four women gripped onto the handles of their carts and shot off in different directions in the store .

"I think the Digimon stuff is off this way..." Liz mused.

"I swear if he blows up his Megazord in an experiment this year..." Janine chuckled to herself.

"Gah...all the pink over here." Kylie recoiled in horror at the doll aisle.

"The eternal dilemma...what to get an eleven year old girl that hates everything..." Dana sighed.

An hour in a half later the crowd outside lat out a loud cheer as the four woman emerged from the store . Each one was covered in varying amounts of slime , (A convincing touch, courtesy of Slimer before he was coerced into the now smoking trap that Kylie was holding up in her hand . )

With a joyous grin the manager came up and eagerly shook the hands of Janine and Dana " Oh thank you .. thank you . ' He then wiped some sweat from his for head . " You have no idea of how much you saved me , and not a moment too soon .'

Dana struggled a bit to free her hand from the man's grateful grip . " Ah,no problem "

Janine cleared her throat ' Ahem Sir ..well , its best we be on are way '

" Oh I bet you are wanting me to pay your bill . I knew this was coming when I called you . " The man started to get his check book out. " I'm sure it's going to be high what with holiday time and all "

Liz made her way over to Janine and Dana . " No need Sir. It's on the house . Seeing how its the holiday . "

A bit puzzled the manager looked at the group of women " Oh well thanks . but I feel that I have to do something '

A little sad Kylie put her PKE meter back on her belt as she cam over ." Hey , come on we just got a call for five more places . "

Dana covered her face and said ." I can't believe it ."

Janine rubbed her temples " What are we going to ? I still haven't had a chance to get any thing on the kids list . "

" This sucks " replied Liz " Everything will be closed by the time we are done . "

The manager rubbed his chin '"You mean you still haven't had any time to get any gifts? "

The four women Ghostbuster just stood there , shoulders slumped in defeat , shaking their heads .

The manager soon got a big grin " Tell you what , seeing as how you are here , how about you look around and when you're done I will bring you to the front of the line. "

Janine brushed a strand of hair out of her face " Oh no, Sir, we wouldn't want you to go out of your way , "

' Nonsense " proclaimed the manger . " Its the least I can do . "

The women all nodded in acceptance. As soon as he went back inside ,they all high-fived each other . With wide grins and went to their already full baskets .

Later ,after loading up the Ecto 1 with the gear and the items , the women gave one last wave to the crown then hopped in and headed off .

Each one had a grin on her face as they drove along .

Dana was the first to speak up " Well I can't believe it , but we did it !'

Liz rested her arms behind her head " Yep it went off without a hitch . Oh and thanks for finding that Veedramon figure, Kylie. Eric is going to love it . It's all he and his Dad are talking about "

" No biggie . " said Kylie as she looked in one of her bags . " I'm just happy they had that game Eduardo was wanting "

" Well, Ladies, job well done " Janine reached down and flipped on the radio , " I think this calls for some music .'

A rock and roll style song of jingle bell rock blasted out as the Ecto 1 cruised down the street .

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Based on Ghostbusters Created by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis

Extreme Ghostbusters Created by Fil Barlow