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 Post subject: After Frame Up
PostPosted: December 13th, 2016, 10:53 pm 
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Title: After Frame Up
Beta: Susie Owens
Disclaimer: I don't own the Real Ghostbusters and Julianna and Carlton Stantz are my characters.
Copyright: 2005
Rating: Pg-13

It has been 15 years since the incident. Ray was at home telling his wife Elaine Furman-Stantz and his kids, Carlton James aka CJ and Julianna Raelynn aka Jules about what happened to him.

He still looked the same as before except he grew his red hair slightly longer that made him look a little like Ringo Starr and he still had his mustache as well.

He wasn't going to shave it. "First, I was framed of destroying a restaurant that was called the House of Roses because I told the owner that it had a ghost."

"The owner wanted me to leave. But I didn't. I blasted the place up. Well, the person who pretended to be me. The owner ended up calling the cops on me, Frump came and was going to arrest me. But the owner had dropped the charges as long as I paid for the damages. I didn't even remember doing it. Things got worse. The worst part was that the guys didn't believe I was innocent except Peter. Then he got shot. But by then, Winston hurt me. Elaine, I wanted to die. Thank God that my aunt didn't give up on me, I don't where else I would be if it weren't for her." Ray sighed, as he recalled that bad week.

Elaine and the kids looked very sad, and then she gave her husband a hug saying, "Why would anyone want to frame you? And think they could pull it off? You never do those things."

Ray nodded and said, "Well, he almost pulled it off. There's more. Then after that, things went down hill from there until I ended up at the hospital with some broken ribs. If that wasn't bad enough, Egon told me that he had me committed. Because I was dangerous and he hoped that I would be helped."

"Well, I found out that Alan Favish was the cause of this. You do remember Alan?" he asked.

Elaine nodded her head, "Alan! That scoundrel. So what did he do to make everyone think that you were the one that was causing all the trouble?" she asked.

"Well," Ray said, "He wanted to get back at me after what happened at the parade, so he somehow captured a demon and found a way to control her. He made her turn him into me so he could do those things that I was falsely accused of."

Ray swallowed before he went on; "It had been him doing all those things so just he could get back at me. Alan also attacked Janine and Aunt Lois. He locked my aunt in a room and set her house on fire. Later, I was giving a hearing to see that I was go to prison or remain in the hospital. During the hearing, the demon got her freedom and proved to everyone that Alan was behind everything. Alan was arrested and was given a life sentence in prison."

Ray paused for a moment to gather his thoughts. Elaine reached to him and pulled him close to her, feeling his tension.

"I'm so sorry, Ray. I've wished that I had known. I would've given that old rusty shoe horn a piece of my mind."

"We would've too, Dad." the twins chimed in.

Ray smiled at his family, "I'm so lucky to be alive. It had been a living hell after what Alan had put me though. I still have a few scars from when I was beaten up."

The kids and Elaine were in tears after Ray told them his story and the twins also gathered around him.

Elaine placed her head against his chest and whispered, "I'm so glad that you didn't die, Ray. I know you wouldn't do those things. You mean so much to the kids and me. We love you, Raymond." She lifted her head and gave him a kiss. Ray smiled.

The twins also smiled at him, "We love you, Daddy." Jules replied, while she kissed her father's cheek.

"Yeah, we do Dad. You're the best." CJ said. "If I ever see that Alan, I'll break him in half."

Ray laughed a little as he ruffled his son's hair, "I just bet you would. I love you guys."

"We love you too, Dad."

"I love you all very much. If Aunt Lois and Peter had given up on me, and Egon hadn't found out the truth; I wouldn't be here today." Then while they were holding on to each other, Fluffy came in the living room and jumped in Ray's lap. She laid down and began purring contently while Ray started to pet her gently, "Hiya Fluffy, nice of you to join the family."

Everyone laughed as they all petted Fluffy and the family was happy.

The End

I'll get you next time, Gadget! Next Time!- Dr. Claw, Inspector Gadget ending credits

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